Updated 2018

$ave My Reno: HGTV / Corus S1
Cash-conscious homeowners finally catch a break when Sebastian Clovis, the savvy contractor, and Sabrina Smelko, the resourceful DIY designer toss out overpriced reno quotes and make dreams come true. Together, they give homeowners the reno they want on a budget they can afford. Senior Story Producer / Writer
14 x 30 HD: HGTV / Corus

Highway Thru Hell: Discovery Channel S1,S2,S3,S5,S7
“Steep hills, lethal drop-offs, killer rockslides and wicked weather.” For seven straight seasons we’ve embedded ourselves with Jamie Davis and his heavy rescue team to bring you the #1 documentary series in Canada! S1, S2 & S3 Field director, writer and shooter.
17 x 60 HD : GPM / Discovery Canada

Heavy Rescue:401 Discovery Channel
A new spin-off series featuring the Ontario highway system and those that work to keep commerce moving. Development director, responsible for casting & development of concept and pitch package to network for series approval.
10 x 60 HD : GPM / Discovery Canada

Jade Fever: Discovery Channel S1
Green is the new gold! Follow the adventures of the Bunce family mining business in Jade City, B.C., as they gamble in search of million-dollar boulders of jade. Writer S1 - Show nominated for CSA for Best Factual Series.
14 x 30 HD : OmniFilm / Discovery Canada

Curiosity Stream: Gravitational Waves
Nominated for a Webby in Best in Science & Education, here's an excerpt from a Curiosity Stream piece I directed on Gravitational Waves at LIGO New Orleans and Cal Tech.
1 x 20 HD : GPM / Curiosity Stream

Restoration Garage (S1)
“It’s all about shop floor drama, gas fuelled egos and millions of dollars at stake.” We follow the restoration team at The Guild as they turn customers vintage dreams into amazing art and turn every head on the road. Director & Shooter.
10 x 60 HD : Pixcom / History Channel

UGANDA RISING: Narrated by Kevin Spacey
This is the story of Northern Uganda, her stolen children, and their fight to be free. An amazing 3 year experience as DP and Associate Producer, plus the privilege of working with Pete McCormack. Executive Producer Alison Lawton
62 min SD : Discovery Times

Daily Planet: Caribou Nets
One of a number of episodes I have worked on for Discovery's Daily Planet, this was one of my favourite stories as Director, DP and writer, despite the frostbite that took a chunk out of my toe.
HD Episode # 660 : Discovery Channel

Confessions: Animal Hoarding
One of my most memorable shoots in three seasons of directing this Animal Planet / Netflix show. A young couple desperately wanting children must decide between their 82 cats and the risk they bring to their possible pregnancy.
32 x 60 HD : Netflix / Animal Planet

Is it Possible? MicroSculptor
Story producer and writer, science & news magazine format series featuring mind blowing technology and weird, wild characters pushing the boundaries of science.
3 x 60 HD : GRB / Discovery US

In the aftermath of Japan’s earthquake disaster this documentary opens eyes to new scientific theories on where the next possible (and probable) Megaquake will hit and it's devastating impact.
1 x 60 HD : Discovery Channel

Hope in the time of AIDS: Narrated by Pierce Brosnan
A ten minute excerpt from the film that shines hope on some of the harsh statistics and brutal hardships for people living with HIV and AIDS in Africa. Produced by Alison Lawton. Co-directed with Pete McCormack.
1 x 22 SD : mindset media